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The Kinsey Report

The Kinsey Report is back in the groove. Indiana’s first family of the Blues, forged in the “Steel City,” also known as Gary, has returned to the studio after a 14 year hiatus to record Standing (I’ll Be), a four song EP of contemporary and traditional blues, gospel and funk and it rocks!



The Kinsey brothers, vocalist/guitarist Donald, drummer/vocalist Ralph, and bassist/vocalist Kenneth, enjoyed enormous success throughout the 80s and 90s recording, and touring first with their late father, Lester “Big Daddy” Kinsey, as Big Daddy Kinsey and the Kinsey Report, and then on their own. The Kinseys arrived on the blues scene in 1985 with a winning formula, joining forces with their father to create a signature sound that mixed the traditional with the contemporary. Big Daddy’s rich baritone vocals, slide guitar and harmonica playing reflected his Mississippi Delta roots, while the younger Kinseys added reggae, rock, gospel and soul to the mix. Driven by Donald’s soulful vocals and impassioned guitar playing, and the tight, in-sync rhythm section of Ralph and Kenneth, the Kinsey Report created a singular sound that caught the attention of blues fans worldwide. 

8:00 pm
Anthem Sioux City, IA

New Years Eve Dueling Pianos

Dueling Pianos is a collection of some of the best entertainers in the industry. Their highly engaging and entertaining performances get the crowd engaged and on their feet.


8:00 pm
Anthem Sioux City, IA


Samantha Fish

Kansas City-based Samantha Fish has been on a major roll ever since she teamed up with Cassie Taylor and Dani Wilde on Ruf’s 2011 release, Girls with Guitars, and fueled by the trio’s Blues Caravan tour of Europe and the U.S., created an international buzz in the blues world. Later that same year she recorded Runaway, her solo debut on Ruf, which mixed gutsy riff-blues rockers like “Down In The Swamp” with the mellow small-hours jazz of “Feelin’ Alright,” while marinating her songwriting in the groove of the Rolling Stones and even tipping a hat to Heart. “It’s all the sounds I grew up with,” she explained at the time, “with my own spin.” Earlier this year Samantha joined label mate Devon Allman for a sultry duet of the Tom Petty classic, “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” that appeared on Devon’s Turquoise CD and accompanying video.

Hitting a receptive international blues and rock press, Runaway was hailed as a thrilling opening statement, earning a string of rave reviews and radio airplay, climaxed by her winning the Blues Music Award (BMA) for “Best New Artist Debut” in 2012. “I’m truly humbled by the recognition,” Samantha said afterward. “I can barely wait to make record number two…”

Now, the wait is over, as Samantha Fish unleashes a major storm of her trademark guitar work and soulful vocals on Black Wind Howlin’. “It has a rebellious streak,” says the bandleader of her game-changing new album, “and a prevalent theme is, ‘I’m not gonna take your sh*t anymore…’”
No “sophomore slump” here, as Black Wind Howlin’ leaps from the speakers with 12 smoking tracks that chart Samantha’s evolution as songwriter, gunslinger and lyricist. “Since completing Runaway back in 2011, I’ve been on tour pretty much non-stop,” she proclaims. “I’ve spent a lot of time writing, playing and listening to music. I feel like the themes and the sound of my music have matured. To me, it’s about the human experience from my perspective, as well as people I’ve come into contact with over the last few years.”


8:00 pm
Anthem Sioux City, IA


David Cook is the winner of the Seventh Season of American Idol, but these days the talented rocker with the fiery vocals and searing songwriting skills has entered an exciting new chapter marked by a newfound creative freedom and the maturity that comes with having a lot of life thrown at you. In the wake of Idol, Cook endured an emotional rollercoaster marked by career highs mixed with the devastating personal tragedy of losing his beloved brother Adam to brain cancer. He toured relentlessly and released his second RCA Records album, 'This Loud Morning', but when the dust settled, he found himself craving a major change. He discovered what he was looking for in Nashville’s songwriting community and relocated to Music City in June 2012.

“One of the things I love about songwriting here is that it’s more story telling based and there’s a little bit more of an emphasis on the lyrics,” says Cook, who was born in Texas and raised in Missouri. “When you listen to a lot of popular music right now, it almost seems like that’s becoming a lost art. I’ve always loved those songs that tell a great story and that’s something I’ve really tapped into here. I like writing in a way where I know I’m telling a story, and it’s obvious that there is a story there, but it’s big enough to where people can find what they want in it. That’s where a song like ‘I’m Gonna Love You’ comes from. My favorite thing about that song is that it makes me think of not only people that I have loved, but places and things and moments, even down to the sensory stuff like smells and touches.”

Cook is currently working on music for a new album. Having exited RCA after 'This Loud Morning', he’s reveling in the creative freedom he enjoyed for years as a successful indie artist long before he ever hit the Idol stage. “It’s nice to work on the record and take time to write and take some off and play shows,” Cook says. “I like to be busy. The last year has been spent getting acclimated to Nashville, getting into writing circles here, writing for other artists and trying to find time to work on my project.”

The result is an impressive new collection of tunes teeming with a restless creative spirit yet anchored by an emotional gravitas that is compelling. “Where Do We Go” showcases the power and range in Cook’s voice as well as his insightful songwriting. “A lot of my favorite love songs are us-against-the-world love songs, almost post-apocalyptic and this kind of falls into that. We started with this dub step thing that kind of cycles throughout the song, so I really just wanted the lyrics to have that same pulse,” he says of the tune he co-wrote with Andy Waldeck and Andy Skib. “The song talks about this couple and it’s posing the question: ‘Where do we go when we hit bottom?’ I’ve always found an inherent romanticism when you’ve got this person and no matter what, you’re together, but it’s also okay to be unsure sometimes and to be vulnerable.”

8:00 pm
Anthem Sioux City, IA



Take a young boy born in the midwest; feed him a steady diet of comic books and monster magazines; plant him in front of a television screen showing an endless succession of horror and science fiction movies; let simmer until adulthood, and what have you got? The comedy of Don Reese.


Combining what THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER calls "friendly ghoulishness" with "sparks-flying timing", Don stakes out comic turf that is his and his alone, walking the fine line between reality and the twilight zone. It is an act that has taken him to over forty states and Canada, performing at clubs, colleges, corporate shows - even monster movie conventions. Don calls it "stand-up comedy for people who are tired of stand-up comedy". You'll call it hilarious.


8:00 pm
Anthem Sioux City, IA


Ronnie Baker Brooks

Ronnie Baker Brooks is an American Chicago blues and soul blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. He was a respected club performer in Chicago, before recording three solo albums for Watchdog Records. The son of fellow Chicago blues musician Lonnie Brooks, he is the brother of another blues guitarist, Wayne Baker Brooks.

At the age of nine, he first appeared on stage playing guitar alongside his father.  In 1985, Brooks graduated from Hales Franciscan High School. He learned to play bass guitar and joined his father's band in 1986. Two years later Alligator Records released Brooks father's live album, Live from Chicago: Bayou Lightning Strikes, which included Ronnie Baker Brooks guitar work. He was then part of Alligator Records 20th Anniversary Tour, and performed alongside Koko Taylor, Elvin Bishop, and Lil' Ed Williams.  By 1998 Brooks had gone solo, and his debut album Golddigger, was released the same year on the Watchdog record label. It was produced by Janet Jackson.  Brooks was nominated for a Blues Music Award in 2000 for 'Best New Artist'.  His second album, Take Me Witcha, followed in May 2001.


Brooks most recent album was Torch (2006). The Boston Herald described it as "Ferocious and unrelenting, The Torch may be the year's best blues album..." The album included guest contributions from Lonnie Brooks, Eddy Clearwater, Jimmy Johnson, Willie Kent, and Al Kapone, and was produced by Jellybean Johnson.




8:00 pm
Anthem Sioux City, IA

LoCash Cowboys

Friday, August 22, 2014  8pm

21+ show

It was April of 2008, and the LoCash Cowboys were doing what they do best--rocking a packed house. They were at Nashville's Wildhorse Saloon, where the two of them--Preston Brust and Chris Lucas--had met a few years earlier. The amped-up crowd was living, screaming proof that they had put the time since then to good use. They had been criss-crossing the country, honing their craft on stages large and small, developing one of the most dynamic live shows in any genre of music. Along the way, they had sold more than 60,000 copies of their homemade CD, earned endorsements from the likes of Budweiser, shared bills with artists including Charlie Daniels and ZZ Top, performed at halftime of NBA and U.S. Olympic team basketball games, and earned television appearances ranging from Tanya Tucker's reality show "Tuckerville" to "Pageant School: Becoming Miss America," writing the theme songs for both.



8:00 pm
Anthem Sioux City, IA


Tom Green sparked a TV revolution with his hit MTV comedy series "The Tom Green Show." One of MTV’s top-rated programs, "The Tom Green Show" paved the way for shows like "Jackass," "Punk’d" and "Fear Factor. With its guerrilla video tactics and outrageous stunts, it was unlike anything that had been seen before.

"The Tom Green Show" began on public access TV and was picked up by MTV. In a sense, it was the original independent, viral-video hit, years before YouTube even existed. The raw home-video look was what made the show relatable to young audiences across the globe, and its hilarious clips are still hugely popular online.

After his show was acquired and broadcast by MTV, Tom went on to produce, direct and star in several films. He appeared in such blockbusters as "Road Trip" and "Charlie’s
Angels," as well as the cult classics "Freddy Got Fingered," "Stealing Harvard," and "Bob the Butler."

He has appeared multiple times on "The Late Show with David Letterman," "The Tonight Show," "Oprah," "The Jimmy Kimmel Show," "The View," "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," "Live with Regis & Kelly," and "The Wendy Williams Show." In fact, he is one of the few comedians in history given the chance to guest-host David Letterman’s program. He has also hosted 'Saturday Night Live," and has appeared on numerous magazine covers including the coveted cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

His autobiography "Hollywood Causes Cancer" is a critically-acclaimed book detailing his battle with Testicular Cancer which he beat successfully at the peak of his MTV show's meteoric rise. "The Cancer Special," a full-length television special for MTV, documented Tom's multiple surgeries and was called one of the Top Ten TV shows of the year by Time magazine.

Tom’s independent online talk show "Tom Green’s House Tonight" was the first LIVE streaming talk show to become a massive success on the Internet. Audiences worldwide have enjoyed this ground-breaking series broadcast in real time from Tom's home-made living-room studio living room. It is the highest-rated online talk show in history and has attracted A-list celebrities and comedians to appear as Tom's guests.

Tom is currently traveling the world on a sold-out stand-up comedy tour, and has just completed his first 90-minute stand-up comedy special for Showtime to be broadcast and released on video this year. He is also planning to launch a 24-hour live Internet comedy channel which will be the first of its kind. Given Tom Green’s background of making independent TV accessible to large mainstream audiences, it is sure to be a massive success. Stay tuned.

8:00 pm
Anthem Sioux City, IA


Devon Allman

Family names are hard to live by, for they conjure up karma, old stories, habits and if you are Devon Allman, artistic talent is passed down to you…

Devon, a member of the rock blues group Royal Southern Brotherhood since 2011, kicked off his solo career in 2013 with his album “Turquoise.” The son of the legendary blues artist Gregg Allman, Devon continues to wow crowds with his insightful and refreshing blues tunes.

8:00 pm
Anthem Sioux City, IA

The Dan Band

Dan Finnerty caught America’s attention as the foul-mouthed
wedding singer in the box-office smash Old School, performing
his now-infamous rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart, as well
as his appearance as the sleazy bat-mitzvah singer in Starsky &
Hutch and again as the inappropriate wedding singer in the
record breaking hit The Hangover.
8:00 pm
Anthem Sioux City, IA
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